A long long time ago…


…back in 2009, I made these yoga pants. These were either the first or second pattern I made. I ordered double-knit not knowing what it was and then sewed these up inside out because I picked the softer side to be towards my skin. I also fought with my mother’s old sewing machine so frequently it made me cry. All my thread was
eaten up by huge ‘bird nests’ about every 50 stitches so I had to finish with the only other color of thread I had: royal blue.
But, they fit perfectly and were super comfortable. So despite the fact that the loopy texture collected all the hair and crumbs and dust bunnies from our floor (where I was spending all my time with my one year old), I wore them constantly!
It’s time for them to go. I don’t wear them any more and I can use the drawer space for other things. I didn’t think it was right though to toss them without a little memorial.
And, here is my three year old, totally photo bombing when I thought he was safely occupied with my make-up bag:



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