Close, but not done.


8 days later and I have a lot done but not enough. I need a button on the skirt and time to hem. I was on track to be done in time for my trip until Tuesday night when I put the facing around the top.  It changed the fit totally and I really did not have time to problem-solve. So I  decided to put the project on hold instead of foresaking food, sleep, and my family on order to finish.
It depresses me a little. But, Maxwell turns three next month so I will get back from sunny CA and get back to work.
Lovely skirt drape:



One thought on “Close, but not done.

  1. Amanda says:

    I know what you mean. I wanted to have the Colette Chantilly dress finished for this past weekend, but realized I wouldn’t be able to do that without rushing. It ended up working out in the end because I was able to take the time to fix some things I was going to let slip just so I could have it done in time.

    So basically, even though it stinks you can’t take the skirt on your vacation you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to wear it (and you’ll be happy you took the time to get it right, too)! Enjoy Cali!

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