Success: Burda for Burda


This is an out of print Burda envelope pattern that I had to hunt down on an old “print it at home site” but I’m glad I went to the effort! I made something to wear! And, as fate would have it, Burda was having a party last Thursday night so I had a great Burda top for the Burda party.

If it weren’t so hard to track down, I would highly recommend the pattern. It was easy to put together and would have been a weekend project if I hadn’t decided to change the neck from a boat shape to a V shape, a decision that sent me into a dark spiral of bad math, seam-ripping and tears.

The material is a yummy chocolate Vera Wang jersey that I bought on sale from FOUR YEARS AGO for a dollar a yard. Note to self: Yeah for a big fabric stash!


I made the skirt, too. Two years ago for a Valentine’s Day date. The shirt I made to go with it was a fail. Worn once and never again. But the skirt lives on!

Sadly, my posing techniques are in need of some improvement. Here, Jonah shows me the way:




2 thoughts on “Success: Burda for Burda

  1. True Bias says:

    love the shape of this and your adorable little boys.

  2. Mrs.Smith says:

    I luckily snagged this pattern before it went out of print. And promptly made three of them! It is fantastic! It looks really good on you with the skirt too!

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