Back in 2013: Jalie Cardigan (Failure, mostly)


This was a quick pattern to construct but I was underwhelmed by the results. I made it too long to begin with but I think I picked the wrong knits, too. Those baggy pockets are simply unattractive. Also, since I don’t use a serger, there are also a lot of exposed seams. I wanted something to wear to the sewing conference—back in AUGUST–over my maxi dress and I’m glad I had it with me: it packed up into a tiny ball with no wrinkling and several of the conference rooms were freezing. But I haven’t worn it since.


Cardigans are essential in a wardrobe though, especially in the city where layers are vital. I find myself in an interesting situation: I cruise the Internet for cardigan patterns and always come back to this one. So I’m going to put it in my queue for sewing up again. I’ll shorten it, pick a more structured knit, and use some fun binding for the seams.



One thought on “Back in 2013: Jalie Cardigan (Failure, mostly)

  1. Amanda says:

    I disagree – I don’t find the pockets unattractive at all. But, I do think it has the casual (somewhat sloppy) look. I agree that a shorter length would help. But, honestly, I would get some use out of this version too – too good to let it go to waste.

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