Good Bye, Yellow Brick Road

That’s the song I hear in my head every time I think of my Silhouette Trench Coat

After a lot of problem solving and ranting and raving and more problem solving, I finally scrapped this project. This is incredibly frustrating for a number of reasons:
1.) Instead of bargain hunting for my fabric, I bought what I thought would look great and paid full price.
2.) I spent hours cutting out over 22 pieces and finishing a lot of topstitching.
3.) I bought this pattern after attending Peggy’s conference where she talked about how easily I could accomplish a good fit using her patterns. The truth is quite the opposite. I feel betrayed.

On a positive side:
1.) I made a perfect collar, a new skill for me that I’ll apply to new patterns.
2.) My biggest worry was the welt pockets and they too turned out well.

But ultimately, despite a few fixes, I can’t raise my arms or reach forward because of the fit in the sleeves and the back. So I’m moving on.

As a quick and easy project to clear my sewing spirit, I made this crafting apron to match my sewing machine cover. This project has been in my queue for 2 years but I’m glad I had it on hand. It was quick and easy and will help me keep track of my pens and scissors and the like when I’m tracing and cutting out new projects.

I really did my own thing with this project but started with some measurements from this craft-apron tutorial.

I also re-traced and re-cut Simplicity 2917 after a botched attempt this summer. I hope to get the fit right on this princess top so it can be a TNT, an easy, flattering top for any great woven print I come across.


Thanks for reading!


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