Look at my fabulous new purse, y’all!


Awesome, right? Here is the back:


I’m having all kinds of fit issues with the trench coat seen there under the awesome purse. My sewing mojo was zapped. So I decided to jump to another project that required no fit at all.

The pattern is Two Zip Hipster by Dog Under My Desk . As all the reviews report, it is a great download. I *highly* recommend this pattern. Great instructions, lots of pictures. I put my “zipster” together in under a week and I’ve been wearing it ever since. It holds plenty, too. This morning it held my a travel mug in addition to the typical purse items (phone, keys, book, emergency cracker snacks for one boy or the other).


Ready for the crazy bit? With the exception of the slider buckle I bought off Etsy for this project, everything else is from Goodwill. This beautiful purse is totally up-cycled.

Size 2 Anne Taylor dress for the lovely embroidered pieces:


Men’s work pants for the strap and other purse pieces. Single curtain for the lining:


Both zippers were from the huge collection of zippers I bought off shopgoodwill.com:


So, now back to that trench coat . . ..


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