Success: Anniversary Dinner Dress


17 years, y’all.
That deserves a new dress and a fancy night out, right? This might be my first TNT (tried and true) pattern: Simplicity 4076 Twist Top.

I’ve made it a few times with varying success depending on fit and fabric choice but I’m confident I could put together a twist-top over a weekend. This version is a success because I put it together in under two weeks, avoided wavy hems, and managed to avoid a modesty panel with a few strategic hand stitches. For the full, swishy skirt, I used McCalls 6074 which has become my go-to pattern for turning patterns into dresses (I used 6074 for my Dylan Maxi Dress).


In the past I have edited out the back seam of 4076 because I don’t like the look. You don’t see a lot of RTW (ready to wear) with a seam down the back. But after reading some reviews by others, I realized I could easily adjust the fit / shape of the dress with that seam so I cut the back as two pieces instead of on the fold. I was pleased with the results.


A $5 raffle ticket won us a $100 gift certificate for this lovely restaurant in our neighborhood right on the Hudson with a view of the George Washington Bridge. The 3 yards of fabric for my dress was a sale item from last year: ITY knit for $3.99 a yard. So by some crazy happenstance, our fabulous night out for our 17th marriage anniversary cost $17.*


*Not including our sitter, extraordinarily expensive in the city.


3 thoughts on “Success: Anniversary Dinner Dress

  1. True Bias says:

    you are too cute and this looks stunning on you!

  2. Kirby says:

    Actually, babe, we’ve been married for 18 years. But they have flown by for me, too!

  3. Susan says:

    Happy anniversary! Very pretty dress.

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