Tip: Keeping Track of Right Side and Wrong Side


This soft knit looks almost identical on either side. The material is so thin my water-soluble marking pen bleeds right through and my chalk pencil requires too much pressure, distorting the fabric. So I use medical tape! It doesn’t leave any residue and stands out. You can also write on the tape with a Sharpie but anymore I just keep my tape marks consistent–always on the wrong side of the fabric. I also keep my crafting scissors handy so my Kai scissors maintain their edge.

This is such an easy trick and it saves a lot of time when it comes time to pin pieces together.


2 thoughts on “Tip: Keeping Track of Right Side and Wrong Side

  1. Amanda says:

    Clever! Thanks for sharing. And also the story of your youngest son’s first day of school was the cutest thing ever. 🙂

    • leuinda says:

      Thanks! The tape has become more important now that I cut my knits one piece at a time. When I first read about people cutting like this, I scoffed at all the extra work. Then I cut out a Renfrew top and found that the bottom half of the on-the-fold front had slipped so much all the project was doomed.
      My youngest seems to like daycare but Septmber 9th my oldest starts kindergarten! Ack! I wonder how much I’ll spend at Mood that day??!!

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