Purchases: An Emotional Stop-Gap


Well, my youngest son started pre-school yesterday. As it happened, I had a 20% off coupon for Mood that was about to expire. So instead of coming home to the empty house to sob in my Cheerios, I had breakfast with Kirby (apple pie, ice cream and french fries. why not?) and then headed to the Garment District.

Although it wasn’t in the plan, I *had* to bring home this royal blue sparkle knit. I don’t know what pattern I’ll use yet, but I want to make a casual drapey top with it. It would make a fantastic slinky dress (why haven’t any of the Project Runway contestants used this?!) but I want to wear it every day all the time as much as possible, not once a year.


This is the fabric I was actually shopping for: material for a Jalie cardigan (another purchase, last week) with contrasting pockets. I finished this maxi dress (not yet blogged) last week but I would like to wear it as the weather turns cooler.


The folks at Mood were fabulous. The put my maxi dress on a dress form and then we spent a few hours draping different colors to see what worked best. I loved this rose sparkle knit (under the chocolate brown), too, but I was afraid the color would wash me out a bit.


I brought home a yard anyhow, hoping it would go well with this Vera Wang slinky knit I got from Fabric.com four years ago on a crazy sale. I’m not 100% certain about the combo, but it isn’t a bad piece to have in my stash.

Was my strategy successful? Sort of. By the time I got home I had just enough time to get some job materials together, pay some bills, and get to the grocery store. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any crying.
Nothing to do with sewing, but it’s my blog, so here are pics of my boys, getting ready for and headed to Nana’s Blessings. Jonah was very excited about being a big brother today! I had explicit instructions to tell his teachers that he wanted to sit next to Maxwell all day and that their napping cots should be right next to each other. Jonah also planned a “Max’s First Day Celebration” with balloons and candy.



What a great big brother!


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