June: What I’m Working On

You might think that I’m absent from my blog because I’m not sewing but the truth is I’m too busy sewing to blog. Not a bad problem to have. Just for record’s sake, this is what I’m working on with various levels of success and lots of tear-inducing failure and frustration.


Bra making! This is a new adventure that has racked up quite the bill in books, supplies, and shipping. In other words, you’re looking at the most expensive bra ever made. But, once I perfect this process, I’ll be able to produce a new bra over a weekend for a third of the cost of RTW. I am imagining a new bra every month and in a whole rainbow of pretty colors. This was my first and she worked! Wore her all day and she passed the test. The band was a touch big and the cups too small so I tore her apart for parts.


My second attempt. Perfect band fit but still some alterations needed in the cups.


A swimsuit cover-up using Victory’s Satsuki dress pattern. So far this has been easy to put together. Let us hope my luck sticks around because here come the failures and frustrations:


Jonah started demanding something out of this fabric the moment I bought it home for a mock-up swim suit. I made the cutest little lining based off a pair of his undies but managed to screw up the waist and had to rip out 12 inches of elastic. Also, the hem is a looming disaster. Jonah doesn’t hold still for anything, including the hemming of the swim trunks he can’t wait to wear.

Then there is this:


I can’t really talk about this in lady-like terms. I also need a flow-chart to explain the various elements I’m trying to incorporate: print & style, fit, support, functionality . I would also need a calendar: days left home with my charming and expressive two-year-old. Days left before my smart and eager four-year-old starts kindergarten. Number of days until our family vacation. “What a mess” is all I can think to type but it is light-years away from describing the cluster-f@%$ of emotions I’m feeling right now.


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