Simplify: Scrap-busting Yoga Bag & Plastic Bag Dispenser


Sewing in NYC means I have a finite amount of space for fabric. This is it, folks:


In an effort to make the best use of this space and keep my sewing area neat and organized, I hope to use the scraps from my sewing projects quickly or toss/donate/recycle them.

I used Amy Butler’s free pattern for the basic measurements and instructions for this yoga bag made from the scraps of my Ann Taylor Copy Cat Pants. Her bag is lined with a pocket. I skipped all this but added some lovely appliqués from my scrap bin.


Took it to yoga last night. Success!


Using the scraps from my Date Night Jean Skirt, I made this plastic bag dispenser. The measurements and instructions came from this site. I used one piece of fabric (obviously), skipping anything decorative since it is going to hang in our utility closet. The instructions were simple and easy to follow although I made the hem for the elastic at each end wider since my denim made threading the elastic through near impossible.

We’ve been using this for a few days now. It holds plenty and keep the closet neat. Success!


One thought on “Simplify: Scrap-busting Yoga Bag & Plastic Bag Dispenser

  1. Pella says:

    Great ideas. The bag dispenser is still prettier and more practical than the whisky bottle carton I store mine in. I might make one of these.

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