Success: Hair Pretty


One of my sewing goals is to simplify my wardrobe. I have one big dresser and about four feet of closet space. These should contain pieces I like to put on and that make me feel good about myself. As it stands now, this space is overflowing with mostly orphan pieces bought on sale or in desperation that I curse every time I have to find something to wear.

I’m adding a new category to my blog to keep track of my progress towards this goal. Since “un-cluttering my closet and my dresser” isn’t very romantic, I’m going with “Simplify, Simplify.”

This is my latest Simplify project. I used this stretch velour t-shirt (which I loved but that went with nothing else, bought at Goodwill 7 years ago)


and the video on creating a Knotted Headband found here.

There are lots of pictures and several tutorials on the Knotted Headband (even some etsy shops) but I recommend the video.

I’ve worn this headband twice in the last week which is twice the number of times I’ve worn the shirt since 2006.



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