Success: Jalie Hoodie

Spring is *almost* here! But beware that tempting sunshine. You *think* it’s warm outside until you rush out the door to catch the bus for T ball practice and are hit with a blast of cold wind. So don’t forget your new hoodie!
This pattern has a ton of pieces and takes up a lot of fabric. There are a lot of “cut 4” pattern pieces, too, so the cutting out takes longer than usual because you have to cut and then move and cut again which takes a bit of forethought.
After you’ve got her cut out though, she comes together very quickly. The top stitching is such a nice detail but be prepared to re-thread your machine / needle after every step.


I took the great advice of another blogger and edited out a bunch of bulk by using athletic mesh for the inside of the pockets rather than more fleece.

Thanks, Funky Seamstress!

And added some bias-tape binding to the seam closest to the front of the hood. It’s one of my favorite details and something I might consider for more of the inside of my next version.


I think it would take some concentration but you could also line the inside with a fun knit if you wanted to add some more interest and another layer of warmth.

Now I move on to another pair of pants (before the weather gets too warm!). Before another hoodie, I think I might attempt a few other outerwear pieces. I love this wrap from Jalie:

20130423-111849.jpg The inside swoops out to make those big pockets so there are all kinds of wonderful things to imagine with contrasting fabrics. I really love the version by Dawn.

I’m also tempted by this Kwik Sew jacket. Maybe in corduroy? With a flashy lining?

The further I get from some of my first Kwik Sew patterns though the more I realize that more difficult patterns often produce a nicer product. Let’s not waste any time on things that aren’t fabulous to put on, right? Even the pictures here make me a little suspicious. Is that white version even well fitted? Maybe I need to keep looking . . .

And I might try my hand at some rain gear using Sewaholic’s newest pattern release:


Here is my write up on Thanks for reading!

Pattern Description:
Zip front hoodie and jacket, according to the pattern envelope.
Pattern Sizing:All sizes included in one envelope. Jalie instructions are to use your full bust measurement which should have put me at a size W but a quick test with Swedish tracing paper told me this was too small. So I “flat measured” the pattern pieces as some other reviewers mentioned and landed at size BB. This might have been because the pattern calls for material with a lot more stretch than my fleece, which has hardly any. Also, I expect to wear this hoodie over other shirts (layering is essential in the city) so I wanted some breathing room. However, BB was way too big. After I had the basic pieces basted together, I had to take 1″ out of each side seam and moved the zipper in another 5/8″. It fits well now, but the proportions are all off. The princess-like seam (I don’t think it’s a true princess) needs to be moved in a bit and run higher before it turns to the sleeve seam for it to really flatter my body shape. The back is wide, too. These are all changes I’ll make next time.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?Yes!

Were the instructions easy to follow? Although they are really sparse, Jalie instructions are very easy to follow. It makes me consider those Japanese pattern books I’ve seen others using that require you to rely on pictures.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I love all the top stitching. Especially on a piece like this–lots of one color without a lot of shape–I think the topstitching gives it a bit of depth, interest. Without it, I think I would feel like a big sage blob.

Fabric Used: Almost every inch of a 2.5 yard piece of fleece on sale for $10.50 from Denver Fabrics / Fashion Fabrics Club and a yard of athletic mesh from for $2.50. The pattern was $12 so this is a $25 hoodie. Of course, I would never plunk that much cash down on a RTW hoodie for myself but that dollar amount will drop since I am definately going to make more of these and I think this fleece is far softer than a lot of RTW fabric I’ve seen out there.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I took the great advice of The Funky Seamstress and used athletic mesh for the inside of the pocket to help reduce bulk. I also had to skip the last bit of topstitching along the zipper and collar because I ran out of thread. If you make this pattern, buy extra! I added some bias tape along the hoodie seam to hide the most visible seam and really liked the added detail!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?I see a new hoodie each year in my sewing crystal ball. I would like to try some color blocking with all those pieces (14, I think!), maybe a great charcoal for the body and a plum for the sides and underside of the sleeves. Or if I can find a fleece that had a bit of sparkle to it maybe accent the center front pieces a bit. I think I would also like to try a version out of fabric that is a bit more athletic rather than cozy.

A success! This is going to be worn a lot. It has already been out for a long day of Tball / picnic / playing at the park and it will be great to have on hand for the plane ride to MO.


One thought on “Success: Jalie Hoodie

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Your hoodie looks awesome!

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