Lightning Strike Inspiration: Let’s Sew Up a Storm!


I’ve been sick. My family has been sick. We’ve been busy with various plans. I haven’t been sewing.

Sometimes when I get too far from my sewing, it starts to feel more like a chore than like a hobby. My machine sits back there in the bedroom haunting me just like the mop in the closet, “When?” and “I see you. You’re not using your time wisely.”

But as quick as a lightening strike, I am inspired to sew up everything I have. Today, this Leuinda Oleta is back at her machine thanks to Sallie Oleta (check that out, Mom!) and this fabulous picture / dress / hair! If I had just a touch less self control (and less guilt over the cost of all my Bra Maker’s Supply purchases) I would have already ordered this pattern from independent designer Victory Patterns. But I’ll use it as motivation to work through my already endless queue of projects and tag this particular dress for fall.


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