De-railed plans. Good or bad?


There are probably 1800 reasons why I have a cabinet full of fabric and nothing to wear. But part of my blog is to articulate, problem-solve, zero in on various frustrations. And this afternoon, I zeroed in on this:

I bought this fabric for a knit top, a Sewaholic V-neck tee, which I have made at least three times. It is a quick, easy project. T ball for Jonah starts soon and I want to avoid wearing ill-fitting pants and a dingy old “Teachers are Great” tee from 1997, my typical wardrobe for two seasons of soccer. If I am crazy ambitious, I’ll make some black jeans from that denim I bought last summer.

But as soon as the fabric arrives, I start thinking, “who wants another tee? What else could I make?” and suddenly my afternoon dissolves into searching blogs for pictures I remember from somewhere at some time and pulling out all my knit pattens. I get excited about a fun knit dress with new, casual, moccasin-style black boots. So instead of a quick and easy project I am creating a slow and steady, complete-with-new-challenges project that requires new shoes.

Is this a problem? Am I a dress gal and not a jeans gal? Will it be too weird to wear a nice dress to one practice and then break out the dingy tee the next? I have to think about it a bit.

The meantime, this is what I’m considering instead of my tee:


. .but in dress length. I’ve been keeping this entry by No Time to Sew ever since I first read the post back in the Spring of 2012. I even sent off for a Boden clothes catalogue so I could maybe copy some of my own looks just like she did! Thanks, Aleah!


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