Failure: Jonah’s Hoodie


So Kwik Sew Sewing for Children has a pattern for a zip-up sweatshirt with no hood and a pattern for a pull-over hoodie. But if you want a classic zip-up hoodie, you have to combine the two, I guess. Which is what I did here. What happened with the hood? I have no idea. I didn’t change the size of anything, just combined pattern piece. The end result was a hood that stops at the collarbones.

This is also way too short in the torso for Jonah. This is frustrating because the whole reason I decided to sew for the boys was to get away from all the problem-solving I have to do with fitting my own patterns. Sewing for the boys was supposed to be a type of therapy sewing. Easy. Quick. Rewarding. As it turns out, not the case.

The Lesson Learned (and hopefully remembered) is that I have lots of opportunities for getting clothes for the boys on the cheap. The huge thrift boutique a few stops uptown from us has a sale every Sunday: 50% off everything. I can get a hoodie for Jonah for 3 bucks. So why buy fabric and patterns and trace and problem-solve? I don’t know why I didn’t remember that before I bought all this fleece at the end of the season last year.


Another great reason to unsubscribe from all those fabric-sale emails.

I did make a few comfy pants for Jonah.


But unless I crank some more of these out STAT, those are the most expensive item I’ve made to date. I won’t add up the fabric, shipping, pattern book. It makes me cringe.

So I am tossing the hoodie project out. It is sad because I *love* the color and imagined buying a KU or Spiderman or Superman patch. Maybe making a matching one for Max? Or me? The zipper also went in perfectly and I love the pockets. But I also hate clutter and I know I’m done with this piece.

As a final note, I wanted to thank Dixie DIY for posting this picture on her blog . . .


. . .of her sewing room, here. I pile things on my ironing board and sewing table and my boys don’t ever see a stack of neat storage boxes that they don’t tear down and spread everywhere. It is a problem. But the bigger problem is that I beat myself up about it almost every day. I admire Dixie posting a pic and saying, “It is what it is.” I pledge to do more of that.


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