Purchase: A bazillion zippers!


I don’t remember why I looked up shopgoodwill.org last week. No clue. But the Arts & Crafts section is loaded with all kinds of bulk prizes and I bid on this group of zippers. The description said there were approximately 30. When they arrived yesterday the count was actually 79!

I know I have four projects in my queue that will benefit from this stash. There are several nice color collections: 9 black or grey, 4 white or natural, 10 blues. I love the collection of berries: 1 cranberry, 2 raspberries, and 4 barberry reds.


I’m sure I’ll use most of those colors and all of the 23 invisible zippers, too (you know, ’cause they’re invisible). Probably not the yellows or the oranges, although the two apricots are pretty. There are 6 pinks that maybe I’ll pass on to a pink lover somewhere.

Besides getting a kick out of the prices on these babies . . .


. . I love browsing the color names: Orient Blue, Yale Blue, Sailor Blue Copenhagen Blue, Almond Green, Almond Pink. It seams the naming department struggles with brown. London Tan? Cloister Brown?

So 79 zippers, for $34 (including shipping) = 0.43 cents each. Not bad, right? If I scoop up all the colors I think I will actually use, I count 37, plus the 23 invisibles, that’s 60. Divided by 34 = $1.65. Still a deal!


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