Thrift Project: Baby stroller & doll clothes

I would have sworn on my Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing that I would never make doll clothes. But, I was getting really tired of looking at this beat up baby stroller and this naked doll.

The stroller seat was stained with washable marker that wouldn’t wash and ripped at the seams after Jonah and his bff, Avery, had pushed each other around the house in it one night. Who knows where the doll’s dress ended up.
So, with a touch of inspiration from Molly and this Christy Brinkley skirt from Goodwill (and, obviously, the 80’s), bought for $2, I set out to make some changes.

And now we have this ..

Jonah has christened this baby a girl and a boy on different days so I tried to pick some gender neutral colors. The pants are more scraps from my purse strap project and the top is a active wear knit sent me by mistake. The collar, my favorite part, was a happy accident. While I was making the doll clothes, I was simultaneously thinking, “I could do better than this. Maybe I should make a pattern . .” and “Why am I working on this when I need to be finishing pants for me to wear?!”

I was surprised to realize how unsettled I was by this naked doll around the house. Last night while eating dinner I surveyed the living room. Total disaster. Not a clean spot to be found. Trucks and single socks and Spiderman slippers. What a mess. Amid all that was baby but s/he was wearing clothes. It made me smile!

Here is a closer pic of Baby and his/her clothes, including the happy accident collar.


Jonah took him/her to school the very next day and promptly lost his/her pants. Foolishly, I had thrown away all the pattern sketches and scraps of fabric. Silly me. I made a mental note that this might be more of an on-going project then dug through the trash and saved the fabric. So you’re actually looking at the second pair of pants.


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