Thrift Project: A new purse strap

Creating something new out of pieces I gather from Goodwill or other thrift shops in our neighborhood is becoming one of my favorite things.  Here is my latest project:

I love this purse. It has plenty of room for a bottle of water and a book if I’m on my own but still enough room for a Rescuebot, a diaper, some wipes, and a bag of snacks if I’m out with the boys but don’t really need the entire diaper bag. I also love the pocket on the outside perfect for my Metropass, keys, and phone. The problem is–like with all purses–it doesn’t stay on my shoulder but slides down to my elbow at the most inconvenient moments. So I resolved to fix this. The pair of pants are from Goodwill, six or seven bucks.



I cut up the let to get the length I needed and used two belt loops (or “carriers” as my jean patterns call them) as thin strips to attach the strap to the ring hardware.  Then I re-created the top-stitching to help the strap look authentic. I’m fairly pleased with the results. My machine baulked a little at some of the thicker moments but it has been close to a week and this is now my new favorite purse! The color looks a little off in the pictures but in real life, it’s a pretty close match.




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